Rolling Pin Pies and Cakes is a proud
locally owned and family run business.

About Us

When Ocean Grove locals Geoff and Susie Chalker took ownership of Rolling Pin Pies & Cakes in 1997, they believed they had a recipe for success.  In the 20 years since, their relentless pursuit of pie perfection has seen the Rolling Pin become one of the most awarded bakeries in the country.

Geoff and Susie’s dream of a true family run business was realised when their daughter Kristy joined them in 2004 and much to their delight, the team expanded to include their other daughter Stacey, and their two sons-in-law Nathan Williams and Todd Lincoln.  Their five grandchildren are the official taste testers

More than just a bakery, we are the official home of Australia’s best pies, having taken out 20 national titles including ‘Australia’s Best Pie 2021 & 2022’ and Australia’s Greatest Gourmet Pie 2023. This success can be attributed to our dedicated and enthusiastic employees who are committed to producing high quality products.

We are committed to the region, the retail precinct, and the community in which the Rolling Pin operates. Refer to our Giving Back page to see what we’re up to in our community. The Rolling Pin also offers Pie Drives to local organisations to provide a boost to their Fundraising efforts. Visit our Pie Drive page to see how we can help your organisation.

Rolling Pin Pies and Cakes caters for Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula including locals and visiting tourists. Our product range includes a broad range of gourmet pies, sweet treats and celebration cakes, all of which are made fresh on the premises at Ocean Grove.

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